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Future Project

Future Project of Effort Nepal

Many schools in Nepal are running under poor condition without basic preparation . These schools have not enough class rooms, furniture, teacher and any basic needs for the study,so it is our little effort to help these school and children providing better education and making every villages children go to school, we want to create the environment which every poor and unprivileged get education which will bring some changes in the society encouraging every parents to be able to send their children at the school. With this vision we have chosen some very poor school of remote and backward communities in the country. Such societies have their own problems to send their children at school. In these contexts we have been supporting many school of different location in the country through this institution. Mainly our projects are running under the support of OPAM the Germany institution through Anja Klassen who is one of the board members of the Institution. Specially, our focus is in education sector than others and we have completed many different school projects in the country and want to continue our effort in future too. We have many programs in different location in the country remote area so that any one personally or through organization can contribute to this ‘Effort Nepal’ for the humanitarian support so marginalize people of Nepal will directly benefited through this project. We heartily accept your contribution from individual, institution and organization from around the globe. We have some projects as below and many of them are not listed in this site.

We have following project for the better education:

  1. Educational material distribute for the poor school students at remote area.
  2. Furniture and sports goods support to needy school.
  3. School building construction and maintenance
  4. Temporary Teachers and modern teaching equipments support.
  5. Clean drinking water project for school.

Drinking water and sanitation:

Nepal is second richest in water resources country in the world next to Brazil, where continue flowing Himalayan river and many mountain source of water, small stream and crick.But due to the lack in use of latest technology and financial scarcity still many people are out of sufficient clean drinking water. After the first people’s movement in 1990 country has lots of changes and facilitate the people in the country. Due to the political conflict in the country since long time and government’s negligence and ignorance the people unable to get proper development that’s why yet many people have to spend their more time every day for the drinking water carrying far a way from home in many places. In our experienced we can do little effort those poor people for their better life through this organization on the support of different national and international organization and people. We have such type clean drinking water and sanitation project on different location in the country.

We request all the donors to contribute through this organization to get drinking water for  poor people of Nepal.


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