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Achievement of Effort Nepal

Since it’s establishment of ‘Effort Nepal’ we are dedicatedly  continuing to work  in different field and projects to make better society by our own effort which we are doing different efficient project in education, health, drinking water and sanitation, women consensus and income generated program and environmental awareness training. These are the major factor effecting in the society where poor and ignorance that we want to reduce mainly in the remote area of the country by our prospects.

 We have decided to start our work from the small village and have been able to undertake various activities with help of local community as well as national and international organizations.  With the available minimum resources from different organization and individuals has used supporting furniture to several school,  school building maintenance, distributed educational materials to the students, provided school dresses, school bags,  sport, games, and entertainment instruments, helped to buy land for school ground and building construction. In health :-We have supporting to some village sub-health post medicine and medical instrument, wheel chair , dental and ear using instruments and blood presser measuring in some places for the primary efficient program.

Drinking water and sanitation:- With the minimum resources we have done some small projects which are effective to this modern age where people had to spend more time for carrying water from far way and it has train to them  important of  water and sanitation.

Women consensus training: - In 2005 on the grant support of Anja Klassen from Germany through OPAM board to this organization that contribution used to the women skill development training for uplift the poor women by income generate training who were staying in Kathmandu from entire country. The training was one year period and directly 220 women were trained. Similar, we have many experience in this field when we got little time go to use in the remote area and take there necessity what can we do.

As mentioned above, since beginning of organization with the minimum resources, we have been able to carry out various activities as above. We are so grateful to our respected contributors, individuals and national and international organization to make these activities comes true.

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