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About Us


Effort Nepal is non- profitable and non- governmental organization, which is registered under existing organization act of Nepal in Kathmandu and affiliated with Social Welfare Council of Nepal. This organization formed by energetic people of various professions with positive vision to do little effort in social field. about us

Geographically Nepal is a transitional zone wedged between the Tibetan Highlands in the north and the Gangetic plains in the south with an average width of 170 kilometer and the altitude ranging from 70 meters from the sea level to more than 8000 meters in the Himalayas. The country exhibits a wide range of rugged topography.

Nepal is known as a multi-ethnic, multi-lingual and multi-religious country where many people of different backgrounds coexisted peacefully. Majorities of the people of Nepal are immigrants from across the Himalayas. It has been a heaven for them because of her fertile valleys, beautiful landscape, religious tolerance and others.

Due to its land orientation and various diverged society, people settled in the remote areas lives are facing inaccessible difficulties and they are far from the modern technology and civilization. Most of the population depends on agriculture in Nepal and yet farming system has not changed in rural area that cannot sustain the life of people. We are very impressive with their poorness and ignorance, which evoke us to operate various social welfare programs in accordance with particular needs for the places and conditions.


The Story of Effort Nepal

People were happy after1990 with the development of democracy in Nepal. And there were becoming active many new NGO, INGO, and other social organization in social development sector. It was the time when we were traveling in different part of the country with our fieldwork. We visited many rural area where poor and ignorance people lived, with that experience we were very impressive there condition which had made us impressive in social work to do little effort to poor and ignorance people.

But there was question? How to involve in social work? We were ignorance in this field. Some of our colleagues were working in tourism sector, on the process of trekking, rafting and other related work many foreigners came to contact and some of like to talked about Nepal. During the trip we used to talk about rural areas what we have experiences people condition of Nepal. We found some person involved in social field and they used to say “social work is really very nice “ but it’s not possible without knowledge and financial support.

In 1996, there was rafting trip with a German group. In that group we met some volunteer and social worker people who were previously involve and they had also brought with them some medicine, clothes and some little amount of money, which was collected by themselves. When they finished their trip program activities at last asked us where and how to distribute that? Until that we had not initiated “Effort Nepal “organization. We helped to them that things distribute to hospital and poor people. After that they suggested us if we registered a organization in Nepal that will be easy to support them through the organization then we decided to registered “Effort Nepal.” In 1997 Effort Nepal registered under existing organization act of Nepal in Kathmandu.

After that, we have completed many projects and program in rural and urban area specially focusing to poor and ignorance people under the contribution of founder member, general member, local consumer and most of our projects supporting by OPAM institution of Germany through personal effort of German citizen Anja Klassen. Anja is a person who had lead us to social sector. We never forget her contribution to this organization and always appreciate her deeds and as well as OPAM institution who is contributing in our project every year. Except this, directly or indirectly many other people also has contribution to it’s activities from the different part of the world. We are thankful and appreciate their contribution to our social work projects.

Following person are associate member and contributor of this organization.

  1. Anja Klasen - Germany
  2. Eva Beata Hendriksen– Holland
  3. Rob and Ginny- Australia
  4. Bernd Rausenberger – Germany
  5. Helena& Victor – Hong Kong
  6. Jenny – Hong Kong
  7. Dora Wong –Hong Kong
  8. S.K. TSE – Hong Kong

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