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Relief Fund for Nepal Earthquake Disater 2015

The Great earthquake that devastated Nepal on April 25, 2015 is hit by the most terrible natural disaster in its history: a devastating earthquake hit the capital, cities and most of the centreal and eastern region of Nepal.


Effort Nepal non-profitable non-governmental company is founded in 1997 with the aim of social, education and health but at this situation this company is palaning to help thouse who are badly effectited by earthquake with the collection of wishers through Effort Nepal.


This organization is made up of people who are sensitive, dynamic, of various professions, with a positive outlook to help the weaker segments of their society.


Nepal is known as a multiethnic, multilingual, multi religious, where many people of different backgrounds coexist peacefully.


It was a paradise because of its fertile valleys, beautiful landscapes, religious tolerance, its incredible mountains of the great mountaineering destination, to the natural charm and affability of his people, that while immersed in economic conditions of great hardship face life with great dignity, proud to be Nepali.



If you want to contribute to help, we will utilized the right people in our local village and you can deposit to:



Bank account details of Effort Nepal.

Account- holder Account Name: Effort Nepal

Account Number: 210264585

Banker: Nepal Bank Limited



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